View Your Favourite Actors On The Big Screen In Your Home

Forget about a flat screen, you can boost your home theater setup by adding a video projector. There are plenty of projector installation tips to help with the installation process. Here are some of these tips on how to install your project without calling an expert.

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There is no better way to enjoy your favorite film or actor than on a home theater projector. It brings that good old feeling of the box office cinema. Moreover, there are a lot more advantages to watching movies on a home projector than a TV set. And the only way to know is by following the installation tips below.

Projector Installation Tips

Screen size

How big or small should the screen size be to cast a straight and level image? Most standard projectors come with an in-built aspect ratio of 169. This ratio should be enough to project a straight and level image on any screen. 

What you should think about the most is what distance the screen size will be from the projector lens. This should help you determine the screen size to buy as well. 

Throw Distance

This is the distance between the lens of the projector and the viewing screen. Throw distance affects the crispness and sharpness of the image projected. Generally, modern projectors should cast sharp and bright images from a throw distance of 1.4 x or 2.8 x.

A screen of 150 inches will need a projection distance of 210 inches (1.4x) or 420 inches (2.8x). If the throw distance is lower or higher than this range, you may have to get a smaller or bigger projector. The size of the entertainment room affects the throw distance.

Here is something else to remember, the shorter the throw distance, the brighter the images. The longer the throw distance, the higher the contrast and sharpness of the image. Always aim to strike a balance between these two qualities.

Projector Mounting 

How and where are you going to position the projector? A lot of people prefer mounting theirs on the ceiling. Another option would be to use a shelf, a custom soffit, or place the project on a stand supported with a tripod.

If you prefer a ceiling mount for the projector, there are plenty of varieties to consider. The rule of thumb is to go with a mount made of a strong material, like metal, and is manually adjustable. The best ceiling mount ensures the projector maintains its position with minimal shifts. Additionally, you should be able to tilt the projector to adjust the size and quality of the image on the screen.

Focusing the Projector

Focusing on a video projector helps in boosting image sharpness. The focusing feature may be motor operated or operated by hand. Manual-focus projectors are preferable. They are more user-friendly when fine tuning the image to your liking.

Projector installation is a simple and straight forward process. The tips above will ensure you get the projector at the right distance and angle for the best imaging. Always check the image quality on the screen as you fix your home video projector.